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please let kurt cobain inspire all punk fuckboys to defend women and wear cute dresses

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"you’re too young to know what your sexuality is" said the straight person to a queer teenager 

"he’s such a ladies’ man" said the straight person about a 6 month old baby that doesn’t know what a lady is

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JK Rowling said she would have made Seamus/Dean canon but she felt it would be distracting from the main trio

Literally how much space do you need to have a line about Dean asking Seamus to the Yule ball

Look, I’ll try

"Parvati had tried to ask Dean to the ball, but he told her he was going with Seamus instead."


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a reminder to myself, as much as we laugh at 50 Shades and Twilight and other creepy “romances”, none of us are too smart or too feminist to be emotionally manipulated/abused/coerced/controlled. i had to learn this the hard way. guard yourself and your energy/time/affection. seriously.

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We could be fuckin’ but you wanna live in a another state.
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In light of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer coming out today, quick reminder that that book is about an abusive and controlling relationship, not BDSM.

Fanfiction (published or not) is important for women of all ages to explore gender roles and sexuality in a way that is less stigmatized and more accessible. 

But do not do the BDSM community a disservice by calling the relationship described in the book a BDSM experience. 

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we need to hate the 50 shades of gray movie as loudly and aggressively as possible on the internet

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hey adult bloggers just saying look at this


hey adult bloggers just saying look at this

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